Christmas lights
Christmas lights

Santa and Mrs Claus

✨ Santa for Hire Lakeland:

For those seeking a dash of enchantment, look no further than Lakeland’s very own Santa JMac and Mrs Claus.

A professional real bearded Santa with a twinkle in his eye and a heart as warm as freshly baked gingerbread, weaving magic wherever he roams.

Mrs. Claus, the unsung heroine of Christmas, embodies warmth and kindness, tirelessly supporting Santa, and spreading holiday cheer with her loving, nurturing spirit.

Both are spirited ambassadors for the Christmas season, spreading joy like snowflakes on a frosty morning. 💫

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Christmas lights


“Santa JMac is the real deal. He is a delight to work with. The happiness on children’s faces and the joy in their hearts from Santa is priceless. Thank you Santa JMac. See you next year! “

“Amazing experience with Santa JMac at our Holiday Customer Event!! Good on his feet, kids loved him and some even feared him because of how perfectly real he looks”

“The most magical experience ever with Santa and Mrs Claus. The kids loved them and they are just the best ever. This was our 2nd year having them and look forward to this year as well.”

Christmas lights
Christmas lights

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